Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wyoming and Devils Tower

The drive from Spearfish towards Devils Tower is really pretty. Lots of rocky farmland.


I saw lots of deer in the fields, but luckily none of them ran in front of me. I finally came around a mountain pass and saw the tower. Man it's massive. This is from more than 20 minutes away.


And right outside the gates.


There are many legends as to how it was created. My favorite is the one where magma from the earths crust started to come up to the top and was plugged. Then over hundreds of thousands of years, as the collision of the earths crust pushed the old sea-floor to the top, the soft limestone sediments around the magma plug were washed away by the weather, creating the tower. ;)


The close up detail is really interesting.


I think this is the most camouflaged I've been in my moto gear. Where's Waldo?


There was a field next to the tower that is occupied by Prairie Dogs.


The terrain in this part of Wyoming sure is interesting.


I stopped in a "Whistle Stop" town named Moorcroft. Good food and friendly people. The town only had 500 residents and the Mayor even stopped in to say hi to my waitress. I really like the small towns. Check out this tiny bank.


At a gas stop, I met a family of motorcycle travelers. So cool that they all ride, mom & dad, 2 brothers and sister.


I stayed the night in Buffalo, WY and watched yet another big storm brew off to the East. I had originally planned on riding over the mountain pass but the storm and nightfall made that a bad idea. Plus it was below 30 up there. Yikes.


My route for the day.

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