Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Breaktime in Nashville

Some of you have noticed I have been mostly stationary for a bit. I planned into my trip a 2 week break in the Nashville area, to accommodate a few events. My b-day, Tracy's visit, 4th of July and hanging with old friends are all on the agenda. Anyway...

After leaving the Cumberland Plateau, I headed towards Nashville. I did the rest of the TN 70 and then met up with TN 25 after Cookeville.

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This route took me thru some beautiful country, including a stop at the Hartsville Nuclear Complex. I had to stop and get a pic.
Hartsville Cooling Tower

I also passed a road named "BMW Lane". I figured my bike buddies would appreciate this pic.
I arrived in Hendersonville (at my mom's house) just in time to unpack, grab a quick shower and head down to the airport to pick up Tracy. She had flown out from San Diego for a few days for her wedding shower, to take in the sights of the Music City, and spend some time with me. Here we are, happily re-united.
We did a few cool things while in town together, including touring the Parthenon, Hermitage and checking out the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Blue Suede Shoes. These were not actually Elvis's, but still worth a pic.

Andrew Jackson's grave (+family) at the Hermitage. That place is neat. *Very* old, if you like antiques, make sure to see it.

My pictures of the Parthenon are on Tracy's camera, I'll have to come back and add them to this post later.

I visited Jason again down in Spring Hill, hooked up with my friends Geoff and Karen in Brentwood, and saw a few historic sights with Don. Check out this cannon.

And this is a confederate graveyard.

Tennessee is so beautiful, I really love that state. Check out this road-side hay field.

Met up with Tim and Freddie, co-workers from the Telalink days.
Tim and Freddie

And hung out with David at Vanderbilt for a few hours. We worked together at Vol State back in the day. I was going to help him unbox a few new computers, for old time's sake, but he beat me to it while I was talking.

I met a guy named Mike at the BMW dealer in Nashville...he asked me to speak about my trip at the Nashville BMW Owners Club the next Tuesday. I talked to a group of about 45 or so, for a few moments about where I've been and my experiences. They are a bunch of nice people, I look forward to meeting them again one day.

I also visited my friend Andrew's distillery, Corsair Artisan. I have a gallery of great pics, but will have to post them later, having issues getting them up to flickr. Dang RAW format. ;-)

The 4th of July was awesome. I sat in my old bedroom and looked out the window at the fireworks over Moss Wright Park, Rivergate and Downtown Nashville. They were supposed to go off at 9PM but went up at around 7:30 instead, due to looming thunderclouds. It was pretty great because I saw fireworks, fireflies and lightning all in the same view. No pics, sorry, don't have the gear for capturing that with me on the bike. You'll have to use your imagination. :)

This weekend I head to FL to try to catch another launch attempt. Then up to Ohio to see the superbike race. Then West. I expect to be home around the 1st week of August.


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