Georgia and South Carolina

Jason and I arose early after a crappy night’s sleep at a Super 8 motel. I will never stay at one of those again, sheesh. The water smelled like sulfur or something horrible. Anyway, we hit the road, did a little bit of the I-95 highway. We grabbed lunch in Hardeville, SC. Fried chicken, collard greens, baked beans, cornbread and sweet tea. Mmmm.

South Carolina had swamp on both sides of the road. I kept wondering if I was to somehow go off the road, would I drown or be eaten by crocs first. This shot was taken off the 125 in SC, near the SC/GA border.
After a bit of the swamp, it opened up into some nice forest. This was Sumter National Forest, just north of Augusta.
I really enjoyed the small towns we were passing thru. This one was particularly neat, with a stop light or two, train tracks and a state route crossroads.
Alternating small towns and farmland continued thru SC. This farm was beautiful.
Our destination that night was Anderson, SC. As we got into the area, we saw a big storm approaching. We put on our rain gear but after looking at a wall of water moving our way that resembled a tornado, I bailed out and we drove around the storm. We ended up staying in a decent hotel that night and went to bed early so we could get good sleep for our ride thru the smokies.

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