Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 4 & 5: VLA & Roswell

Woke up that morning in Quemado and after an extended breakfast/rising, I hit the road. Met a rancher named Ed Wheeler who has a 22,000 acre ranch outside of town. He offered for me to come check it out with him, but made sure to comment "I'm not one of those broke back guys". I guess that movie messed it up for friendly rancher types. Hehe.

A few hours later I was at the VLA.

Here I am going for the look from "Contact". Yes, I contact UFO's in my spare time...

After the VLA I met a guy named Pete riding a KLR packed up with ADV gear. He had a friend that did a trip like mine and called it Fragile Expedidion...his name was Lee Klarcher. I bit later, I stopped at some old lava flows for a break.
And an hour or so later I found a guy with a trike broke down on the side of the road. We used my tools to get him running again. Ride on buddy!

Got into Roswell late. I met some fellow bikers, one with an F800GS like mine. I wish I had his corbin seat, my stock seat is like riding a plank. As I got into Roswell my GPS and my electronics for my iPod/Radio went on the fritz. Coincidence? Stayed the night at a motel and looked for aliens.

Got up the next day (no signs of abduction) and checked out the UFO museum. It was kinda weak and touristy. But fun I suppose.

Stopped in Post, TX for lunch. Met two really nice ranchers named Kenneth and Jody and had a lengthy conversation with them about traveling the world. They told me that Post got it's name from the founder of Post Cereal...he founded that town too.


I also talked to Jack and Carolyn Schultz for a little bit. Jack told me his grandfather walked from Millersburg, TN to Rising Star, TX to buy land..he walked because it was cheaper than the train/carriage and it took 6 months.

The riding in northern TX is very windy and boring. At least that's what I've seen so far. I have tried to take back roads most of the trip but even still it wasn't that great. But I had time to get some nice shots.

Putting the wind to good use.

Tried to stay in the Abilene KOA that night but they were predicting 3 hours of thunderstorms so I found a motel 50 feet away. Turns out it didn't rain at all. Hehe.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Austin. After that, somewhere around the TX/LA border then to New Orleans Monday afternoon. My friend Jason Greathouse is meeting me there and we are going to do part of the trip together. I plan on leaving Tuesday morning and taking 3 days to get to Daytona Beach. That puts us there Thursday night, with Friday to check out the Kennedy Space Center and hopefully Saturday for the shuttle launch. After that is not really planned yet, but I hope to see Key West.


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