Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 13: KSC Tour

Jason and I woke up at 3AM Sat. morning to find the launch scrubbed. So we slept in and decided to hit up the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and do the cool NASA stuff.
We did a lot of neat stuff. First we hit up the IMAX film about the moon landing. It was in 3D, and done pretty well actually.
There was a full scale mock-up of the space shuttle on premises, along with a full scale mockup of the SRB's and External Tank.
Check out the cool tiles.
Mock up of the internal bay with a fake satellite.
Shuttle cockpit.
We checked out the astronaut memorial...something that I had seen on TV after the Columbia accident and had wanted to see. It's designed as a reflecting wall so the names appear in the clouds. Beautiful, and moving.
The rocket garden was pretty neat too. The horizontal rocket is the Saturn 1B.
The famous F1 engine from the Saturn V rocket used in the Apollo program.
Too big to fit them all on the camera, even with a wider angle lens.
We finished up the day with a cool drink and a walk thru of the Early Exploration museum. Pretty cool to see what was required to get to space back in the day. This shot is the ablative material from an old re-entry capsule.
The NASA control room from the 1960's. I am going to have to remember this for my dream home.

We ended the day with some speculation of NASA's plans, developing our own contingency plans for the rest of the trip and heading off to bed early to get good sleep.


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