Saturday, May 30, 2009

CHP Bike, more new gear, 3 days left.

Friday...counting down, 3 days to go before I leave. Today I picked up a lot of gear. I bought an adventure touring suit from Moto Forza up in Escondido...A RevIt Cayenne Pro jacket and pants. I also got a set of RevIt gloves. I'll have to post some pics of this gear and a review soon. It's really nice stuff.

Loaner Bike

I took my bike up to BMW MC North County to have a factory campaign done on it. They gave me an old R1150RT CHP loaner bike...a pretty nice machine. The power adjustable windscreen is nice, and can be adjusted while moving. Finally I found a bike that can get air up over my head when I sit up straight. But I noticed that made my back cold and created some sort of negative air pressure that pushed on me from behind. The R1150RT was a cool bike, although the lash in the shaft driveline was noticeable, as was the torque pull when you blip the throttle (normal for a boxer motor, I believe).

Got some more 16GB memory cards in the mail for my HD video camera, and a book to read on the trip..."The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable".

I also bought a $5 Starbucks I can get Wifi access at Starbucks across the country. Should be useful for blogging, photo-uploading, twitter, emails etc.

For someone with no job, I spent a vastly larger sum of money today than I'm comfortable with. Zoikes. I'll have to get cracking when I get back from this trip.


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